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Peter Miller grew up in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania (USA) in the 1950s. He explored Pittsburgh with a camera from the age of seven, fascinated then as now with the magic of light and shadow. After college at Columbia in New York, Miller earned a PhD in Sociology at Berkeley. At Stanford Research Institute, his consulting work brought him to Japan, where he has lived since 1981. A member of the Japan Alpine Photographers Association, he explored the origins of photography in 19th-century photogravure, and set out to re-discover this printmaking technique which had arisen at the dawn of photography. Having no teacher, he experimented 'by trial-and-error, mostly error', he says.
Inspired by the 500-year intaglio tradition leading to 19th-century photogravure etching, by Sung Dynasty ink paintings, and Japanese Zen minimalist aesthetics, Peter Miller is one of the few contemporary photogravure practitioners in the world performing the entire process from visualization to plate-making, etching, printing, and publishing. His images are Japanese in their semi-abstract character, often compared with ink-brush paintings, evoking memories and anticipations through their unique texture, depth, and tonality. In recognition of his accomplishments in the arts, in 2011 Peter was elected a Member of the Cosmos Club in Washington DC, a club founded in 1878 by the explorer John Wesley Powell.
Since 1992 he has exhibited his work all over the world, in Europe (including Russia), USA and Japan.
The Sackler Gallery of the Smithsonian collect his work, as do many private connoisseurs. To date he has created and published more than 300 editions of photogravure etchings.

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