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Biography Sakamoto, Hanjir˘ (1882 - 1969)

In the beginning of his career, while making cartoons for Tokyo Puck Sakamoto Hanjir˘ met Yamamoto Kanae and Ishii Tsuruz˘, and subsequently he worked with them on H˘sun from 1909-1911. Also in 1911 he published a collection of woodblock prints together with Yamamoto Kanae (Sōga Butai Sugata), and in 1918 he contributed five designs to Nihon fűkei hanga - Japan scenery prints.
In 1921 he went to France, like so many of his contemporaries. On his return in 1924 he went to his birthplace, Kurume. He became a highly respected Western-style painter, receiving the Order of cultural merit in 1956.
His most important set of woodblock prints is Five Views of Aso, published by Kat˘ Junji in 1950. After Sakamoto's death in 1969 his five prints for the Japan scenery prints were republished, also by Kat˘ Junji.

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