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Biography Koga, Nobuyoshi (1933 - )

Born in Saga Prefecture in 1933, Nobuyoshi Koga started his career as a woodblock artist relatively late. In 1977 he first studied the paperscreen technique under the guidance of Masao Ohba (b. 1928), whose influence on his own work can be clearly seen. In 1986 he joined the group Page One.
From 1987 onward he has won many prizes, both in Japan and abroad. In 2000 one of his paperscreen prints was accepted for the prestigious 45th CWAJ show. This made him even better known than he already was.
Since he mostly makes smaller-sized works he regularly wins prizes in newyear's card design contests. In 2005 his work Greeting of Love was accepted for the jubilee 50th CWAJ show.
Characteristic of his work is the extreme care and expertise lavished on it. Though strictly speaking they cannot be called surimono, because the technique used is different, they are all small jewels.

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