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Biography Nara, Enami (1977 - )

Enami Nara was born in Hokkaido in 1977. From 1997 to 2003 she studied at Tokyo Zokei University, one of the five Art Universities in Tokyo. Already in 2000 she had her first group exhibition at the Machida City Museum of Graphic arts.
Many more group exhibitions have followed. Three times she exhibited at the CWAJ exhibition, the latest time in October 2005. But in 2002 she also had a solo exhibition at the prestigious Yoseido Gallery in Tokyo. Apart from working as a woodblock artist she is also active as a painter. In September 2006 she won a gold medal at the 10th Geisai art show in Tokyo with three paintings in acrylic showing fighting couples. In June 2007 she had a group exhibition at Shibuya, and again one of her prints has been accepted for the 2007 CWAJ exhibition.

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