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Biography Okamoto, Ryusei (1949 - )

Yoshimi (as he was then called) Okamoto was born in Muroran in Hokkaido. As a teenager he worked in a local fishery, and that may have spurred his study of marine biology at Nihon University. Even at High School he was interested in woodblock prints, and after his graduation as a marine biologist, he decided to become a full-time artist.
From 1974 to 1984 he studied with T˘shi Yoshida, who developed a profound respect for him, and who endorsed his work on numerous occasions. In 1980, when T˘shi Yoshida couldn't fulfil his teaching commitments, Ryusei Okamoto taught at Mendocino Art Center. In the previous year (so in 1979) his work was accepted by the prestigious CWAJ prints show in Tokyo for the first time. This also marked the beginning of numerous exhibitions at home and abroad. Ryusei Okamoto does all his carving and printing himself, and can truly be called a meticulous and accomplished craftsman.

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