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Biography Asano, Yuichi (1944 - )

Yuichi Asano was born in China in 1944. After obtaining a degree in economics at Keio University he had a career in banking and industry, from which he retired in 2004.
In 1990, when he was in Hong Kong he became attracted to woodblock prints: "One Sunday morning I read an interesting article in the newspaper about a retrospective Hiroshi Yoshida exhibition; I enjoyed the exhibition, I was really impressed by his work and I decided to jump into this world. In 1993 I called and visited the Yoshida Studio in Tokyo. First I met Toshi-san, but I was not admitted to the studio. After some time I was accepted by both Toshi-san and Tsukasa-san. I learned a lot from Tsukasa-san and I studied with him for almost two and a half years."
In 1996 Yuichi Asano participated in the Yoshida Hanga Academy group exhibition for the first time, continuing to do so every year until the present day. So far he has also participated in the annual CWAJ show four times, the most recent one in 2007.

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