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Biography Nagase, Yoshi(r)o (1891 - 1978)

At the age of 19 Yoshio Nagase entered the Tokyo School of Fine Arts to study sculpture. Soon he switched to the Kyoto City Specialist School of Painting, where he studied Japanese-style painting with Araki Jippo (1872-1944).
In 1912 he started Seihei, together with Hasegawa Kiyoshi and Hiroshima Shintar˘, which magazine changed its name to Kamen in 1913. Kamen was a very important avant-garde expressionist magazine, and he contributed to it until 1915. The artists contributing to this magazine were the first to give shape to S˘saku Hanga, and they organized the first exhibitions. From 1929 to 1936 he spent in France.
He was a member (often a founding member) of all the important print groups, such as the Nihon Hanga Ky˘kai. He remained active (and a frequent prize-winner) until his death in 1978. An important artist.

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