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Biography Iwami, Reika (1927 - )

Already in 1962 Reika Iwami had earned sufficient fame to be included in James A. Michener's important publication The modern Japanese print - an appreciation. She started her career in the early fifties. She was influenced by K˘shir˘ Onchi, Jun'ichir˘ Sekino, Takumi Shinagawa and other important printmakers. In 1953 she started exhibiting with the Nihon Hanga Ky˘kai, which she joined in 1955. In 1957 she was one of the co-founders (with 8 other professional women printmakers) of the Joryű Hanga Ky˘kai.
From 1964 she devoted herself fulltime to printmaking; since then she has had a great career, exhibiting all over the world. Nature and its manifestations constitute her main subject matter: earth, wind, fire and water are the main elements in semi-abstract woodblock prints, which mostly show strong embossing and the use of gold leaf.

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