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Biography Jacoulet, Paul (1902 - 1960)

Paul Jacoulet died in 1960, but the year of his birth is far less certain: he may have been born as early as 1896, but most probably before the 1902 on his gravestone. Already in 1906 he accompanied his mother from France to Japan, where he stayed until his death. His best work dates to the 1930s. Technically most of his prints are masterpieces. He completed 166 woodblock prints during his lifetime. Most of them were sold through a subscription list. Paul Jacoulet had a high opinion of himself as an artist, an opinion not shared by many of his fellow artists and critics; yet his prints were popular in the 30s and late 40s, not least because of their technical virtuosity. In the last ten years of his life he turned into a recluse and died a lonely man. In the last years of his life (and career) the number of subscribers had dwindled to fewer than 50.

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