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Biography Yoshida, Chizuko (1924 - )

Inoue Chizuko was born in Yokohama in 1924.Her first teacher in oil painting was Kitaoka Fumio (1918-2007), who was to become President of the Japan Art Association. In 1941 she studied design at Hongo Art Institute, and in 1949 she joined the art seminar of Tar˘ Okamoto, a leading avant-garde artist and critic. A year later Chizuko became a member of two important art associations: the Pacific Painting Society (Taiheiy˘-Gakai), established earlier by Yoshida Hiroshi and his friends, and Shuy˘kai, established by Yoshida Fujio (Yoshida Hiroshi's wife) and her artist associates. Chizuko won a prize for her entry in a Shuy˘kai exhibition.
Chizuko and her work would also catch the eye of Yoshida Hodaka (Yoshoda Hiroshi's second son). They attended Onchi K˘shir˘ĺs art seminar together, held an exhibition of their oils and woodblock prints, and in 1953 they married. They were to have two children, Ayomi (b. 1958) and Takasuke (b. 1959), and they would have long careers as independently inspired modern woodblock print artists. They often traveled together to destinations around the world, and occasionally held joint exhibitions.
Her woodblock prints range from geometric abstraction to music, to phenomena in nature and to compositions of butterflies or flowers.

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