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Biography Yoshida, Fujio (1887 - 1987)

Fujio Yoshida was the daughter of painter Kasaburo Yoshida . Since he had no sons he adopted his favourite pupil, Hiroshi Ueda, who became famous as Hiroshi Yoshida later on. After her father's death in 1894, her adopted elder brother, Hiroshi Yoshida, enrolled her at the leading Western style painting school in Tokyo in 1899, when she was only twelve years old. In 1903 and 1905 she accompanied her elder brother Hiroshi to USA.
In 1906 she and Hiroshi married, and she continued painting. She stopped painting for 10 years in 1911 after her first-born daughter had died and her son Toshi had contracted polio. When she resumed painting she mainly painted still lifes and flowers. After the war she had a short period in the 50s in which she made a limited number of woodblock prints. After that she resumed her painting career. At the end of her life she first lived with Toshi's family, and she died at the home of her second son, Hodaka, when she was 99 years old.

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