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Biography Sekino, Yowsaku (1944 - )

Yowsaku Sekino was born in Tokyo as Jun'ichiro and Katsuko Sekino's second son in 1944 and graduated from Chuo University's School of Science and Technology in 1968. He worked as a chemist at SMC Corporation but later made a career switch by opening a European-style printmaking workshop. As the owner-technician of the workshop equipped with all the necessary machinery, he assisted various artists to produce their lithographs, etchings, engravings, drypoints and woodblock prints. Yowsaku initially learned all of the printmaking techniques from his father, Jun'ichiro Sekino, and then polished them by a series of his own experiments. In the 1980s, he decided to become an artist himself specialized in color woodblock printmaking, joined Shun'yo-Kai, and won several awards starting with "Kenkyu -sho (research award)" at the artistsí association with a hundred years of history. In 2015 HIM Empress Michiko purchased a large woodblock print from him, on the occasion of her visit to the 60th CWAJ prints show.

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