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Biography Mushanok˘ji, Saneatsu (1885 - 1976)

Mushanok˘ji Saneatsu was born in Tokyo, the son of a court noble. After studying at the Gakushűin, the school for children of peers and other high-ranking families, he entered the Tokyo Imperial University, but left school before graduation. In 1910, together with Naoya Shiga, Takeo Arishima, and others, Mushanok˘ji founded the magazine Shirakaba, where he went on publishing books (his first book Areno having been published in 1908). After publishing Atarashiki mura no seikatsu (The life in a new village) in 1918, he created a utopian colony in Miyazaki Prefecture in which he lived until 1926. In 1937 he became a member of the Japan Art Academy. He served as Chairman of the Dramatic Literature Division of the Nihon Bungaku Hokokukai (Patriotic Association for Japanese Literature). After the war, he was removed from public office under the Occupation Purge. In 1951, he received the Order of Cultural Merit.
Next to winning renown as a writer he was also active as a painter, having his first exhibition in 1929. In the 1950s a limited number of woodblock prints of flowers, fruits and landscapes were published by Kensetsusha and Mikumo Mokuhansha. These were carved by Yoshimori Sasahiro.

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