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Biography Konishi, Seiichir˘ (1919 - )

Seiichir˘ Konishi was born in Kyoto. In 1941 he started studying oil painting and drawing in Kyoto, and he has continued painting in oils until the 1970s at least. Also during the war he started making woodblock prints and he was mainly self-taught. In 1951 he had his first exhibition at the Kyoto Hanga Kyokai group.
In 1956 he participated in the Banga-in exhibition (under the tutelage of Munakata Shik˘), and from then on he had many one-man and group shows at home and abroad.
Kyoto and its surroundings figure prominently in his woodblock prints. He uses strong forms and contrasts, but he also works entirely with colour blocks, so without key-block lines. He also does figure studies, and here too he sometimes uses an unusual perspective. He carves his own blocks and prints his own work.

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