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Biography Miller, Lilian May (1895 - 1943)

Lilian May Miller is part of the loosely connected group of Western artists who made woodblock prints in the beginning of the 20th century, the others being Helen Hyde, Charles Bartlett, Elizabeth Keith, Bertha Lum and Emil Orlik. Whereas the first three worked for Watanabe Sh˘zabur˘, Lilian Miller worked with her own carver and printer. Born in Tokyo, Lilian Miller was a professional artist. In 1923 her studio and its contents were destroyed in the great earthquake, and it took her several years to get going again. Gradually she started to do the whole process of woodblock printing herself, and became an ambassador of Shin Hanga. Her prints sold quite well. Before she could reach artistic maturity she was diagnosed with cancer in 1935. Still she managed to remain active until shortly before her death.

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